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Type 2 diabetes & your heart
What's the connection?

Over time, high blood sugar leads to a buildup of
plaque in the arteries. This buildup
can harden and
narrow your blood vessels, reducing the flow of
oxygenated blood to the heart.
As a result,
you are more likely to have heart problems
in the future.

Millions of people with diabetes don’t know
about their increased risk for heart disease.
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Here’s what you can do now

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Get real about diabetes and heart disease

Now that you understand the relationship between

type 2 diabetes and heart disease, you can talk to

your doctor about managing your risk—and learn

about a treatment option that may help.

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Does your loved one have
type 2 diabetes?
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If your loved one has type 2 diabetes, talk to them
about their increased risk for heart disease.

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Real people, real stories

Award-winning actress Angela Bassett shares
her personal connection in honor of her

People with diabetes and their

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