About the campaign
For Your Sweetheart®: Where diabetes and heart disease meet is a nationwide
movement to raise awareness about the critical link between type 2 diabetes and
heart disease—and to encourage people with type 2 diabetes to know their
risk and speak to their healthcare provider, for the sake of their health and
the people they cherish the most.
For Your SweetHeart was developed and sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and
Eli Lilly and Company. Elements of the campaign, including the Heart You Quiz, were
reviewed and validated by a steering committee of leading cardiologists and
endocrinologists. Recognizing the importance of reducing the risk of heart disease
among people with diabetes, twelve leading patient and professional organizations
have joined the For Your SweetHeart movement.
Powerful voices urge people with type 2 diabetes
to know their risk for heart disease
Participating medical experts